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Sysnesia Group is looking for a team with the best character and talents who are ready to tackle challenging projects that will ultimately enable the creation of future technology system that is integrated into our daily lives, solving most of the nation’s main problems and creating a better life. We are looking for the most capable Indonesian and world professionals who have integrity and goodwill, intelligence and discipline, talent and determination, patriotism and nation pride, high energy and an intense work ethic. Sysnesia is an equal opportunity employer offering competitive salaries, comprehensive education and health benefits, and an equity package. 

We also currently looking for the best talent to join our Internship Program. Our year-round program offers an unmatched opportunity to play a direct role in information technology and artificial intelligence projects in both corporate and government. Opportunities are available in all of Sysnesia’s engineering functions and business operations. Internships and expert partners are integral to the company’s success and overcoming several job challenges.  We also have a 6 months program that develops both soft skills and creative thinking for all participants by involving them with any of Sysnesia Group’s business units. Join us, and find your place in Sysnesia Group. Please send your CV and application to:

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